This page has been created for those anglophones (English speakers) who will be attending our wedding reception in Austin! This information is also available under 'Quicklinks' on the Main Page.

Firstly, we invite you to let us know what your plans our by filling out our "In the Meantime RSVP" before our formal invitations and RSVPs are sent out. Plus, add yourself to our Mailing List so we can alert you to anything important regarding the wedding!

Secondly, this page will be updated over the course of the next few months leading up to our wedding with important information concerning:

  • Austin hotel information

  • Our wedding registry

  • Our recommendations for things to know about, do, and eat in Austin while you're here

  • General fun things to know about the other culture involved in this marriage!

    • like this fabulous dictionary, for instance, that will help you linguistically welcome the Montréal delegation (many of whom have never been south of New York City!)

and most importantly, it will have all of the information you need related to...