Things to do and eat in Austin

Things to Do and Eat in Austin

We'll update this page more and more the closer we get to celebrating our marriage in Austin!

To do:

Favorites eateries of the bride and groom (and the bride's family ;) ):

    • Tacodeli: one of Austin's best taco mini-chains, it's great for breakfast and lunch (closes at 3); we LOVE their Doña sauce on either the Conquistador (Ellie) or the Frontera Fundido (Louis).

  • East Side Kings: Top Chef Paul Qui's low-key Asian fusion eateries around town are mouthwatering and affordable.

  • Chez Nous: a-slice-of-France-in-the-heart-of-Austin, this French bistro helped Ellie continue to develop her love of all things French (who knew that love of French would bring her to Louis!). Their prix-fixe menu is just perfect.

  • Justine's Brasserie: super authentic Parisian brasserie tucked in the industrial part of the East Side, the Nashes got to be friends with owner Pierre at their other favorite French restaurant in town, Chez Nous (also on this list)

  • Bouldin Creek Café: for those of a vegetarian persuasion, although this restaurants is pleasing to the vegetarian and omnivore palate alike!

  • Blue Dahlia Bistro: European tartines served in an intimate setting on the East Side.

  • 24 Diner: High quality comfort food smack in the heart of downtown; it's great for brunch or late-night!

  • Barley Swine: a tasting menu that will introduce you to pork in a way you've never imagined!

  • Barbecue joints:

    • Now, this wedding celebration is in Texas, so despite the fact that the groom may choose to eschew meat, a barbecue suggestion is a must. Austin has finally muscled its way into the top of the barbecue lover's list, and the bride certainly has a suggestion for you in this regard. Many of you have probably heard of Franklin Barbecue, which is undoubtedly amazing. However, we suggest la Barbecue as an excellent and much lesser-known alternative, but with essentially Franklin's mastermind at the helm! The line will still be long, and you'll still want to get there between 9 & 10am (maybe with a six-pack!), but either one will be a culinary experience you won't forget. If waiting in line for hours to get your grub on seems ridiculous, Black's Barbecue's beef ribs melt in your mouth, and Rudy's Country Store & Barbecue is simply classic.