Québec History

Living History in Montréal

As you wander around downtown Montréal from dusk until midnight, you will notice large projections on sides of buildings, on cobblestone streets, and even on trees. Having downloaded this incredible phone app, Cité Mémoire, you will be able to know the story behind each projection, which range in subject from Montréal's Moving Day history to Jackie Robinson's stint with the Montréal Royals!

From the website of Montréal en histoires:

"Roam the streets of Montreal with this application to immerse yourself in the city's history, with over 60 unique items to discover (points of interest and augmented reality segments).

"Cité Mémoire is a poetic creation inspired by the history of Montreal. It will lead you to fascinating encounters with both unknown and famous characters who bring to life the richness and complexity of Montreal through time.Before your visit, download this application and its content (entirely or one circuit at a time)."