Transportation in Montréal

Getting Around Montréal

Louis and Ellie both love the fact that they don't need cars in Montréal; the city's award-winning public transportation system, the STM, is fabulous! We believe ALL of you from Texas (where trucks and highways reign supreme) are capable of mastering Montréal's metro and bus system. We hope you'll give it a try (benefits: less money on taxis/Uber, no worries about drunk driving, more opportunities to learn about everyday life in Montréal!).

Here is some information pertaining to specific journeys we know you will be making (to be posted soon):

ALSO, Uber does exist in Montréal. However, it is technically illegal so Uber drivers have to be a bit sneaky. We highly recommend that you download the app for Téo Taxi, which is Montréal's response to Uber.